Scumbag Skatepark Toys for Tots Fundraiser

Jimmy Olson from Scumbag skateboards has been hosting a Toys for Tots event for the past couple of years. Last year he had asked if Troika was interested in participating. I was stoked. Last year was great BUT this year was bigger we added Leena’s Food Truck and the ARTish Show upstairs. Jimmy and Chelsea Schilling worked super hard to get the upstairs ready and it looked SOOOO GOOD! Scumbag Skatepark is located in Natrona Hts. a good 30+ min north of the city. Getting people out there is always tough but we had over 30 skaters flying around and 17 artists submitted some great work. There were quite a few pieces sold as well.

Everytime I do these events I realize how much fun bringing a ton of different people together is. There were people of all ages participating, spectating, and just hanging out. At one point there was a noise complaint from a neighbor in the middle of the afternoon. A police officer came to check it out and was so stoked on what we were doing he on behalf of Harrison Twp Police & Fire Department donated $50 and said he would talk with the neighbor. There were tons of toys donated and about $550 in cash raised. We took the cash and went on a toy shopping spree.

Below are a few videos documenting the day and our shopping spree from the funds donated. I would like to thank everyone who helped, came out, and participated.


Participating Artists

Chelsea Schilling
Brittany Z
Chris Morgan
Nick Carnino
Giana Vigliotti
Andy Yaros
Hater Magnet
Aaron Klingensmith
Tony Thomas
Jason Lias
Matt Maltman
Kevin Mac
Bob Freyer (DurtyArt)
Andy Rice
Dante Lombardi
Angelo Ross
Dave Kaule
Ryan Marino
Andy Rice


Skateboard Contest Results

1st - Elias Myers
2nd - Gabe Vigliotti (MinnowSkate)
3rd - Cody Deyell

Best Trick - Shane Aiken

ARTish Show Walk Through

Skateboard Contest

Shopping Spree





Hell-on-wheels Crew

A couple years back I met Matt and Argent through Dan at a Troika skate event at the warehouse. That same day I met Angelo Ross as well. A few months later Matt hit me up and said, "Hey, Angelo is coming down to Richmond. You should jump in his car and come skate." I really didn't know Angelo or Matt other than that day we skated. So, I said, "OK!" hopped in the car, and the RVA trips began. This is what is so great about skateboarding. Since that first trip, we have gone down there 4 - 5 times. It's such a rad town. We stay at Matt's house, which comes fully equipped with campsite, backyard ramp, fire pit, Red Ryder BB guns, and one hell of a damn sunset over Richmond. Matt has a good crew of homeys down there and they ALL seem to have a ramp or a full skatepark in their backyards. Sonny, Shipyard Hank, and Pat at the Lost Bowl have all welcomed us yinzers with open arms (and beers) to skate. I have skated in many different cities over the years, but there is something about Richmond and the whole vibe down there – I fucking love it. 

Back in the beginning of May, 14 of us cruised down to RVA for a long weekend. We set up camp in Connor's backyard and it was on. Camping, Skating, shooting BB guns, heckling each other, and eating great food. Casey Kovach, Steve Althardt, Jacob Brady of Grey Sequence TV, and Jason Lias all documented the trip. I am working on putting together a short edit of all the Richmond trips so far and will post it here on our site. So, keep an eye out for it! In the meantime, here are some photos of all the spots we hit this last trip.

The Spots

Matt's Backyard Mini Ramp

Matt's ramp may be one of my favorite ramps that I have ever skated, with the exception of Shipyard Hank's ramp. Matt just put pool coping on like a week before we arrived and GotDangIt that made it fun. It wasn't till I skated Matt's ramp that I thought to myself, I too will have a backyard mini one day. 


Texas Beach

This is where we start out after the early am sesh on Matt's ramp on the first day. This little DIY spot is so much fun. There is a little bit of everything to skate there. 



The Lost Bowl is a little piece of heaven. 



Check out the photos from the entire trip HERE!


Winter is here.........and so is Lance!


Winter is here.........and so is Lance!

Well the 2015 winter is here. That means frigid temps, rock salt and it gets darker sooner. I get out of work at 5 and it is already night time. Thankfully we have the Commonwealth Press Warehouse spot to skate. Few weeks back BA, Jason Lias, Jimmy Olson, Steve D, Mike King and I repaired/refurbished all of the obstacles we have there. We replied the qrtr pipes, and fixed up Dom's bench by making it sturdier and wider. There have been talks about adding a few new things. Jimmy Olson (from Scumbag Skatepark in Natrona Hts.) brought some angle iron for a new higher ledge and we want to make a little corner hip type thing. Everything we have there has to be able to move and be put away so that CWP can go back to business as usual. 

We had 2 sessions since all of fixin' up, one Wednesday night and the other on Saturday. It is real small so with anymore than 10 people it gets crammed BUT the more people we have the better time we have. The vibe is always great. It is just people skating, having fun, learning new tricks and cutting up on each other. 

Dut from Overcast Skate Shop hit me up and said that his friend Lance moved back to Pittsburgh from California and he shoots skateboarding. I asked Lance if he wanted to come hang out with a bunch of sarcastic pricks and snap some skate pics. He accepted the invite. Lance started shooting skateboarding after multiple surgeries kept him from actually riding his skateboard. Living in California, in a skate house with a backyard ramp and the likes of Alex Moul, Charlie Blair and others he began messing around with skate photography. He then met Arto Saari, Mike burnett, and Grant Brittain taking in all he could. Stoked to have met this dude, fits right in with us jags and take one hell of a skate photo. If you see him out n' about or at The Goldmark say what's up!. Check out Lance's photos on his Instagram